Jurassic Park (1993)

*Kind-of-spoilers below

Story: 5 A breathtaking and well-developed journey of the characters from their first tour of the island to their fight for survival in the theme park riddled with deadly dinosaurs
Characters: 4 The main characters Alan, Ellie and Ian all have distinct and fleshed out personalities that contribute to the story as a whole, and the two children are easy to empathize with; however the main antagonist is not as interesting
Acting: 4 Performances from Sam Neill, Laura Dern and the children are excellent in portraying their fear during moments of peril; however there were some less realistic and over-the-top acting from some actors
Cinematography: 5 Successfully enhances the suspense and thrill while characters are hiding from the dinosaurs, but also being tenstion to dinosaur-free moments in the film such as the power outrage
Animation/special effects: 5 Groundbreaking special effects of the dinosaurs that look completely realistic even after more than a decade, particularly with the use of animatronics
Music: 5 The iconic theme of the movie matches perfectly with the park and the innocent ambitions of John Hammond, and scarier scenes are accompanied with music that perfectly builds tension and fear
Creativity: 5 The amazing idea of a “dinosaur park”  is completely innovative and original, and also brings a more human message of not messing with nature
Entertainment: 4 Although the film starts relatively slowly, it quickly builds into a funny, suspenseful and thrilling ride and will be iconic for years to come

TOTAL: 37/40 = 93%

That last kitchen scene though… *shivers*

Critics reviews: 8.1/10 (IMDB), 93% (Rotten Tomatoes), 68% (Metacritic)


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