Minions (2015)

Story: 3 Better than expected – the film explains the history and purpose of the minions before they started working with Gru in Despicable Me; however, some story elements are irrelevant and don’t really contribute to the movie as a whole
Characters: 3 Stuart, Bob and Kevin have very different and appealing personalities, Scarlet and Herb Overkill are entertaining and Queen Elizabeth is also very cool, but it’s hard not to get a little sick of the minions and their gibberish
Acting: 4 The fact that Pierre Coffin (director) voices all of the minions is pretty impressive, and Sandra Bullock is very convincing as the evil Scarlet Overkill; other characters are not nearly as memorable
Cinematography: 3 Nothing special really, I guess there are some cool 3D moments but nothing memorable or groundbreaking
Animation/special effects: 5 The animation can easily compete with big names like Pixar and Dreamworks; everything is smooth and detailed and there are no noticeable flaws
Music: 4 The minions sing many recognisable songs “a Capella” and their harmonies are really well done; the only downfall is, of course, their weird language and high-pitched voices
Creativity: 2 Not much creativity here, the producers obviously just noticed the popularity of the minions from the two Despicable Me’s and decided to make up an origin story
Entertainment: 3 It’ll probably be more funny if I watch it when I’m high or something, but the minions still provide occasional laughs amid all the silliness

TOTAL: 27/40 = 68%

It’s an okay movie, but please just don’t make a sequel.

Critics reviews: 6.9/10 (IMDB), 54% (Rotten Tomatoes), 56% (Metacritic)


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