Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

Story: 4 A unique story that explores Maria’s struggles with accepting her increasing age and the influence that the fictional play Maloja Snake has on her life; however, the story often loses its direction and as a result the conclusion is less moving than it could have been
Characters: 5 Maria and Valentine are extremely well written and their complicated relationship is portrayed beautifully; Maria’s inner conflict brilliantly shapes her character, while Valentine’s increasing frustration with Maria unfolds in an authentic and believable way
Acting: 4 Outstanding performances by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart (Kristen can now shove her César Award in your face whenever you mention Twilight), but I felt that Chloë Grace Moretz could have been a little more realistic
Cinematography: 4 Stunning scenery of the “Maloja Snake” creeping over the hills in Sils Maria; however, these scenes were often lengthy and disconnected me from the overall story
Animation/special effects: 3 Even though there weren’t many special effects to judge from (apart from that space movie with Chloë Grace Moretz that Maria and Val watch, which was pretty cool), some of the editing looked kind of out-of-place and tacky
Music: 2
Music is mostly unmemorable, and because there are all sorts of music genres in the film, it often ends up sounding muddled and confusing
Creativity: 5 Very creative story about how an actor deals with getting older and being forced to play different roles, in particular the symbolism of the characters in the play links very well with the characters onscreen
Entertainment: 4 This film boasts amazing performances and a creative story but is only let down by the lack of direction in the story that leads to a muddled and unsatisfying conclusion

TOTAL: 31/40 = 78%

Just watch it for Kristen Stewart’s performance guys… I knew there was some talent hiding behind Bella Swan’s lifeless eyes!

Critics reviews: 6.8/10 (IMDB), 89% (Rotten Tomatoes), 78% (Metacritic)


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