Spectre (2015)

*They’re probably not considered spoilers but I’m gonna warn you anyway

Story: 2 The film starts off strong but quickly loses its way with the whole global criminal organisation thing that is supposed to be super powerful and scary but ends up being generic and dull; the pacing is also very uneven, which results in the ending feeling rushed and unsatisfying
Characters: 3 Aside from Bond and the great supporting characters from the previous film, characters such as Lucia, Dr. Madeline Swann and Oberhauser feel empty and not fully fleshed out
Acting: 4 Daniel Craig nails it as James Bond once again, and the supporting cast (Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Christoph Waltz to name a few) gives very strong performances despite the weak writing that their characters may have
Cinematography: 4 As usual, Craig’s era of Bond films impress with their execution of realistic and exciting action scenes, while the many different countries and settings that Bond travels to allows for some pretty sweet scenery
Animation/special effects: 4 Again, explosions, gun fights and collapsing buildings are all pretty realistic as is expected for such a big budget film (apart from that opening scene in Mexico City that was over-the-top in the best way possible)
Music: 4 While not as strong as the amazing theme song for Skyfall by Adele (my fav), Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall is not as bad as everyone on the internet says it is, and the rest of soundtrack for the film is very classic and reminiscent of old Bond films
Creativity: 3 I feel like Spectre could have been a bit more creative in terms of the villian, instead of relying on endless references and shout-outs to past villians and Bond girls and building up the hype for a slightly anticlimactic ending… at least the gadgets were cool
Entertainment: 4 Spectre excels in terms of its entertainment value above all else; the action, love and drama all wraps together to form a compelling and thrilling story whilst also delving deeper into Bond’s dark past

TOTAL: 28/40 = 70%

It’s hard to live up to a film as brilliant as Skyfall, and there were some major flaws with the film’s pacing and characterisation, but I will say that I enjoyed the film immensely and would watch it again purely for the awesomeness that is Daniel Craig’s Bond.

Critics reviews: 7.2/10 (IMDB), 64% (Rotten Tomatoes), 60% (Metacritic)


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