Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

*Whoops, spoilers ahead

Story: 5 A vast and wildly imaginative story introducing Luke Skywalker and his adventures with the Empire, the Resistance and the force, very well paced with a thrilling climactic battle sequence, the foreshadowing of future/past characters and events clearly show George Lucas’ ambition with this new world that he has created
Characters: 5 All very well-written characters with distinct and interesting personalities i.e. Luke as a brave young man with a mysterious past, Princess Leia as a courageous woman fighting against the empire, Han Solo as a lonely, flawed anti-hero, even droids R2D2 and C3PO are so likable
Acting: 4 Though at many times cheesy, the performances of the actors are authentic, enthusiastic and fun, reflecting the space opera/comic book atmosphere of the film as a whole
Cinematography: 5 Extremely creative and groundbreaking cinematography capturing the vastness and craziness of the world of Star Wars, memorable moments include Luke staring into the distance with the two suns, and the final scene with Luke as an X-wing pilot
Animation/special effects: 4 The special effects may seem less than impressive when compared with the sci-fi films of today, but back then they were revolutionary and are still very convincing at this day and age, particularly with the spaceship battles in space
Music: 5 Iconic! The score for this film is how music in epic sci-fi movies should be; the soundtrack not only compliments and describes the characters/events on screen perfectly, but also carries the story throughout the film and plays a vital role in establishing the mood of every scene
Creativity: 5 I don’t know how George Lucas created this world but it is absolutely amazing, everything including the set design, the characters and the story as a whole is so unique and breathtaking
Entertainment: 4 Despite a few slow moments (that are necessary to the plot), Star Wars is thrilling from start to finish, not only as an exciting popcorn flick for the whole family but also as a groundbreaking sci-fi movie that incorporates an amazing story with revolutionary special effects

TOTAL: 37/40 = 93%

To anyone who for some strange reason still refuses to watch any of the original Star Wars films… why????

Critics reviews: 8.7/10 (IMDB), 94% (Rotten Tomatoes), 92% (Metacritic)


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