Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

*Some spoilers sorry

Story: 5 Continuing on from the brilliant story that was introduced in Episode IV, this film dives deeper into the world of Star Wars, following the ongoing battles between the Empire and the Resistance, the budding romance between Han and Leia, as well as Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi
Characters: 5 Lots of character development with all characters such as Han becoming more compassionate, Leia opening herself up to Han and Luke realizing his anger and recklessness, new characters such as Lando add even more depth to the story
Acting: 5 The acting is much more realistic and believable in this film, partly because the characters go through much more pain and suffering than in Episode IV, and Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford really shine
Cinematography: 5 Once again, cinematography is breathtaking, especially with the many different planets that this film takes us, highlights include the battle on the icy planet Hoth with the Imperial walkers
Animation/special effects: 4 Although still not quite up to today’s standards, the CGI and special effects have improved immensely in the three years after the first film, especially with the stop motion animation that is used for many creatures throughout the story
Music: 5 Much like the original film, Episode V incorporates a fantastic score that manages to be so iconic and memorable whilst still merging with and complimenting the events portrayed onscreen
Creativity: 4 Although this film mostly builds on the creativity of the previous episode, the new characters/machines/sets/action scenes in this movie are no less impressive, particularly with the final battle between Darth Vader and Luke
Entertainment: 5 This film manages to be even more entertaining than its predecessor simply because it is able to skip the introduction and exposition and go straight to the action and story development, allowing for a more thrilling and memorable experience

TOTAL: 38/40 = 95%

This film is definitely the best out of the Star Wars franchise… but I’m hoping that Episode VII will knock this one out of the park!

Critics reviews: 8.8/10 (IMDB), 94% (Rotten Tomatoes), 79% (Metacritic)


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