Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)

*MAJOR spoilers sorry (just watch the film first)

Story: 3 The film starts off slowly and seems to lose itself a little with the whole fiasco at Jabba’s palace, but gradually it still manages to drive the trilogy to a thrilling and satisfying finish, alternating between the entertaining battles faced by the Rebel Alliance and Luke’s emotional fight against the Dark Side
Characters: 5 The continuous character development of Luke Skywalker is one of the best I’ve seen in any sci-fi film, we get to see him not only grow into a highly skilled Jedi but also overcome the allure of the Dark Side; the character of Darth Vader is also extremely well-written, allowing audiences to sympathize and eventually see him as a heroic figure at the end
Acting: 5 The acting in this trilogy has improved in every film, and this episode is certainly not an exception; Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and James Earl Jones (voice of Vader) are all masters at their art and really bring the emotions and feelings of their characters to life
Cinematography: 5 Gorgeous cinematography as usual, with breathtaking wide shots of battles in space, as well as amazing sets inside the Death Star for the final battle
Animation/special effects: 4 The special effects only get better with each movie in the trilogy, especially with the scenes in space, as well as the brilliantly choreographed light saber duels, although some scenes still look a little fake no matter how you look at it
Music: 4 Ignoring that musical number that took place at Jabba’s palace (what was that????), the music of this film is once again amazing thanks to the legendary John Williams, providing an extra kick of excitement to the action onscreen whilst also adding emotion tension to scenes such as the final battle between Luke and Vader
Creativity: 4 Whilst not as unique or groundbreaking as Episodes IV and V, Return of the Jedi still manages to blow me away with the amazing set pieces, costume design and fight choreography
Entertainment: 3 This film takes a while to get going during the first half of the film with the story and action dragging a little at times, but nothing can really beat that thrilling battle between Luke and Vader, and the film successfully finishes the iconic trilogy with a satisfying ending that will leave you smiling as the credits roll

TOTAL: 33/40 = 83%

It may be the worst out of the original trilogy, but it still serves as a great ending to the saga that has become such a worldwide phenomenon ever since… now, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, come at me!!!!

Critics reviews: 8.4/10 (IMDB), 79% (Rotten Tomatoes), 52% (Metacritic) <<< don’t worry it’s not that bad


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