Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

*No spoilers this time!! You’re welcome.

Story: 4 Although occasionally loosing its sense of urgency and excitement at a few moments, The Force Awakens successfully introduces us to the new world of Star Wars, following the trilling adventures of new characters Rey, Finn and Poe as they fight against the First Order
Characters: 4 The new characters introduced in this film are extremely well-written and fleshed out, and they all live up to the legacy that the classic characters of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and Vader have left behind; particularly impressive is the new villain Kylo Ren, who becomes a much more complex character as the film progresses; old characters manage to become part of the new trilogy whilst still being connected with their past
Acting: 5 The performances of both the new and old cast are stellar; Daisy Ridley shines in her role as Rey, and John Boyega is surprisingly funny and entertaining as Finn, Adam Driver is also very convincing as the troubled villain Kylo Ren, while acting veterans Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are brilliant as expected
Cinematography: 5 Just like the original trilogy, this film contains some of the best cinematography in sci-fi, with spectacular wide shots depicting breathtaking scenery of different planets, as well as dramatically-filmed battle sequences
Animation/special effects: 5 This is where the film really performs, as the movie manages to incorporate flawless, outstanding special effects whilst still capturing the authenticity and realistic nature of the original trilogy; in a way, the special effects don’t seem very different from 38 years ago, and that is said in the best way possible
Music: 5 Under the masterful hands of John Williams, the music for this film perfectly compliments the new characters and events onscreen, whilst still paying homage to the old films and linking this film to the original world of Star Wars; Luke’s theme comes up a few times, and let me just say that those scenes really touched me in ways that I hadn’t experienced in a long time
Creativity: 5 The creativity of this film definitely exceeds my expectations; while it still contains a significant amount of nostalgic elements to bring viewers back to the good old days such as the Millennium Falcon, it also introduces us to a whole range of fresh characters, sets and props, a highlight being the incredibly cute droid BB-8
Entertainment: 4 Although I occasionally lost a bit of my excitement during a few scenes in the film, The Force Awakens remains a hugely successful addition to the franchise that brings us back to the incredible world of Star Wars whilst also introducing new characters and events that I can’t wait to learn more about in the future

TOTAL: 37/40 = 93%

Everyone relax… because The Force Awakens more than lives up to the hype!! STAR WARS IS ALIVE ONCE AGAIN!!!

Critics reviews: 9.0/10 (IMDB), 95% (Rotten Tomatoes), 81% (Metacritic)

P.S. I felt terribly sick right before seeing this film today and I can happily tell you that watching The Force Awakens has cured my headache and nausea. So there you go.


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