Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

*I will be ranting about some potential spoilers

Story: 2 I was initially unsure about the “dawn of justice” part of the movie, but it turns out that all the justice league stuff is by far the best part of the otherwise muddled and uneven film; the superman story line about how he faces all the hate of being a god is quite dull, while the whole Lex Luther-doomsday thing feels kinda forced and uninspiring
Characters: 4 The few characters that save this film are Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince; the movie’s portrayal of an older, tougher Batman worn down by years of fighting crime is new and refreshing, while the introduction of 21st century Wonder Woman is executed in a way that does this iconic female superhero justice; although superman’s portrayal links well with Man of Steel, the character is quite bland compared with the other two members of the trinity
Acting: 3 Some excellent performances include Ben Affleck as a darker version of Bruce Wayne/Batman (poor guy doesn’t seem to be taking the bad reviews well), Jeremy Irons as a very classic Alfred and Gal Gadot as the strong and fearless Wonder Woman; apart from these, the other performances are either not very memorable (Cavill as superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane) or just downright weird imo (sorry Jessie Eisenberg…)
Cinematography: 4 The one thing Zack Snyder is really good at is making the film look cool, and Bat v Supes certainly looks awesome with all the slo-mo shots and comic book imagery, although sometimes the movie ends up feeling like a strange superhero arthouse film
Animation/special effects: 3 I’m not easily disappointed with CGI in movies, but this time I really felt like the special effects were lacking a little considering the movie’s monster budget, particularly with Doomsday and all the scenes where Superman/Batman gets thrown around like floppy dolls
Music: 4 The soundtrack of this film was another saving grace, so thank you Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL for that; the strong, creepy melodies perfectly illustrate the chaotic atmosphere of the story, and the music ended up being one of the most memorable parts of the film (it was actually so surprisingly good that it took me out of the film at some parts because it was much better than what was happening onscreen)
Creativity: 3 I thought that the new and different portrayals of certain characters were quite creative, particularly with the old version of Bruce Wayne, that being said, creativity doesn’t always lead to successful results, an example being the awkward, cartoonish portrayal of Lex Luther that was very out-of-place; Wonder Woman’s costume design was bomb though!
Entertainment: 4 I know it sounds like I ranted a lot about this film, but really if we’re talking about pure entertainment, I was still quite satisfied in terms of the action and drama; despite the flaws, this movie has successfully made me hyped for the future of the Justice League and the DC cinematic universe

TOTAL: 27/40 = 68%

Although there are many glaring faults with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I really think some critics are going overboard with their criticisms, and as long as Zack Snyder stays away from directing future movies, I’m sure there is still hope for the DCCU!

Critics reviews: 7.5/10 (IMDB), 29% (Rotten Tomatoes) – damn that’s harsh, 44% (Metacritic)


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